QuietCool is an Advanced Whole House Fan that can save you up to   50 - 90% off your A/C related costs!

QuietCool whole house fans are a game changer.  Everyone should have a whole house fan, but traditional fans were noisy, the fan was practically inside the house, and the shutters chattered and did not seal the attic from the living space. 

QuietCool's ducted whole house fans move the fan into the attic and away from the exhaust grill, and the damper seals completely with an R5 insulation value. 
The QuietCool whole house fan will replace all of the hot air, eliminate pet dander, and exhaust all of the pollutants that are built up in the home within a matter of minutes.  These whole house fans can eliminate the need for air conditioning in the spring and fall and greatly reduce it's usage in the hot months.  It will allow you to open up your doors and windows much more often in the summer.

Add a QuietCool attic exhaust fan to the gable vent for a cooler attic and improved whole house fan performance.
An affordable wireless RF controller is available exclusively from QuietCool dealers.  You can hang it or use it like a remote from anywhere in the house!
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